Yorkshire Towbars is currently unable to take new bookings

We inform you of this with great frustration and sadness, but due to our fitter requiring time to recover from a long standing car accident injury, it is unavoidable.

We thank you for your custom and reassure existing customers that we will continue to offer support on their installations.

If such assistance is needed, please make contact via text message only on 07854062434

Yorkshire Towbars: Mobile Towbar Fitters

Frequently asked questions

1. What is covered by my guarantee?

We offer a guarantee against faulty workmanship. All towbars fitted by us come with a lifetime gurantee provided and offered by the manufacturers themselves (please call us for individual details of these guarantees), and all our bars are EC Type approved. (Currently commercial vehicles are exempt from EC approval). All electrical installations are guaranteed for one year from date of invoice. Warranty work will only be undertaken  at the original fitting address except in extenuating circumstances and even then only within the areas that we cover and at Yorkshire Towbar’s discretion. Evidence of tampering with either the towbars or electrical system by someone other than Yorkshire Towbars staff will render all warranties VOID!

2. What is NOT covered by my guarantee?

Damage caused to the towbar by exceeding the maximum weight restrictions for your vehicle. Wear and tear, or misuse of electrical sockets. Rust caused by inclement weather and accidental damage.


3. How much weight can I tow behind my vehicle?

Please consult your manufacturer’s handbook for the exact maximum towing capacity for your vehicle. However our staff will be able to give you a recommended weight on some vehicles if you cannot find this information. Please remember that it is your responsibility to ensure that the maximum weight and nose weight (on the coupling point, also known as the ‘S’ value) is not exceeded for safety reasons and so as not to invalidate the manufacturer’s warranty on the towbar.

4. Can you fit anywhere?

Within reason Yes! Ideally our fitters will need a flat hard standing (not grassy or muddy) surface on which to work. Due to legal and safety reasons this cannot be on a public car park or main roads. If fitting at your place of work or other private property please ensure you have permission for us to work there. Please ensure the vehicle is parked in a manner that allows us to have good clear access to the vehicle (especially the rear & passenger doors!)

5. Will I need a bumper cut to my vehicle?

Our office staff will be able to advise you if your vehicle needs a bumper cut and whether it will be a visible or invisible cut, together with the dimensions. Many vehicles come with colour coded bumpers or sport kits and therefore a small aperture may need to be made to allow room for the neck of the towbar. However, some towbar manufacturers supply a bumper insert or cover for this. Please call the office for further information.

6. Will a towbar interfere with my parking sensors?

This is rarely a problem although we do not give a 100% guarantee. Some towbar manufacturers advise the fitting of a detachable towbar where feedback from fitters has caused concern.

7. Do I need ‘dedicated’ or ‘vehicle specific’ wiring?

Please read the information under ' Choose your Electrics'.

Yorkshire Towbars will only consider not using VSK if a dedicated kit is not available to us.

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